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Read this article to learn more about the subject. the two main sources of black diamonds in the world, currently Brazil and Central African Republic, formerly bonded to each other when a single continent, Pangaea, emerging Water, there are 200 million years. the black diamond nature. Today is it that natural black diamond differs not only by color, but also by its composition of other compounds are last diamonds. The pandora glass beads of a regular lattice of carbon atoms passing light while black diamonds are a very porous aggregate diamond micro crystals with graphite inclusions of hematite. Therefore the natural black diamond is as hard as other diamonds, but its nature makes it even more difficult to cut than other diamonds translucent. the lack of cleavage plane makes its more complex size, this translates into a high loss rates when buying raw black diamonds to make the polished black diamond. The characteristics explain it A rare and expensive gemstone.

pandora jewelry charms trait more conventional, current, and especially economic, the black diamond is found most often in jewelry is a diamond (white or color) that has been treated to become black. In the past, this treatment involved heating the diamond while the -art technology and most commonly used now is a irradiation. pandora jewelry charms processing black diamonds forming between 1 and 5 points. The commercial quality diamonds have been treated by irradiation. they are used for paving fluently on jewelry rings in white gold. the diamonds are much cheaper since it is generally diamonds that have many inclusions or colors low value on the market. How to recognize be a natural black diamond It is the behavior of the treated black diamond light that will betray its nature. Directing a source of intense light on one edge of the black diamond you observe, you will see that the diamond will appear dark green and not black: it is the footprint of the radiation treatment of the diamond. For this optical fiber is normally used to apply light to a specific location of the edge of diamond.

The black natural diamonds are opaque in nature and Therefore not allow phenomena. What observe what are the criteria for quality and value setting the price Due to its opacity, the famous pandora charm sale used to assess the quality of white diamonds or fancy is not valid. Indeed, the value of its diamonds particularly depends on the evaluation of the color, number and visibility of inclusions and quality of size, three criteria that do not make sense in the case of diamonds blacks. pandora bracelets sale do We look for when assessing the quality of a black diamond To evaluate a Black Diamond, you have to look the color homogeneity on all sides and the polished state of the latter, make sure they contain no pores or statures. If you plan buying a diamond natural untreated black, given the price, choose to opt for a certification report from a laboratory independence. Prices fluctuate depending on the supplier, the stock and market demand in the temps. Where buy a black diamond the first option would be to order a black diamond with your jeweler, he has the necessary contacts to meet your hopes. pandora charms sale can also order online since there are now many providers on the web, by cons you will need to master English because all are in the US or in Israel or even in the simplest.
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